RADA trained Melanie formed the interior design practice in 1996 following a career that included the Dutch National Ballet  London's West End, TV and Film.  She has earned the practice an excellent reputation throughout London and the UK as well as a growing international client base.

Following art school, Wayne's early training was with BBC TV at the iconic Television Centre.  This was followed by a period on TV Commercials where he quickly gained an international reputation for his original and sympathetic approach to lighting.

Melanie's experience in mainstream theatre has given her an immense appreciation of form and texture whilst her colour co-ordination is beyond reproach.  Her influences and use of diverse materials from glass to silk, suede to steel are eclectic but her schemes remain structured and classic with an understated sense of luxury.


She has an instinctive feel for the essence of a building and works from this to create an interior that perfectly reflects the requirements of the client whilst remaining true to the basic architecture.  Melanie is adept at interpreting a brief and developing it way beyond the client's expectations.


Melanie has always been very aware of the importance of designing light into an interior in a way that they gell together.  To this end, she works closely with Wayne to ensure that the two elements integrate seamlessly to maintain a balance of light and form.

Wayne's broad experience in all these areas brings an extra dimension to his lighting  and his adaptability and firm understanding of structure, architecture and modern technology means that Wayne is able to take on any project, residential or commercial, regardless of the technicalities involved, bringing to each a unique approach that never fails to impress.


"Form & Light are mutually dependant; without one the other barely exists.   The relationship between the two requires a deep and innate understanding of the nature of light and the way it interacts with different surfaces and textures".


This intrinsic awareness coupled with Wayne's formal training in art & design forms the basis of his approach to lighting whether by natural or artificial means and ensures that the placement of every light is well considered and designed to work in total harmony with the interior.

THE PRACTICE - Melanie and Wayne are supported by a keen, hardworking team of design assistants and a network of associated technicians and contractors who share their passion for interiors and the way interior design relates to architecture in the home and workplace.

Please feel free to contact either of the designers via their direct email addresses above or by telephone at the number below.

They will be happy to discuss any aspect of your project and offer advice as to the best way to proceed.

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